SAM Team

Stephen Brewster


Stephen Brewster is Professor of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at Glasgow. He leads the research into multimodal interaction within the Glasgow Interactive Systems Group. He has a world leading reputation in designing novel forms of multimodal interaction, particularly for mobile devices and for users with visual disabilities. His research focuses on multimodal HCI, particularly hearing, touch and gesture, to create a rich, natural interaction between human and computer. A key part of his work has been on gesture and movement tracking.

Helen Minnis


Helen Minnis is a Professor in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Glasgow and Honorary Consultant with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. She leads a group of researchers focussing on attachment and maltreatment-associated psychiatric problems. Her work has included developing the worlds first standardised assessment tools for Reactive Attachment Disorder in school-age children. She has developed an early version of the computerised Manchester Child Attachment Story Task and demonstrated that it detected a similar distribution of attachment patterns as the original and could be used in groups of children.

Alessandro Vinciarelli


Alessandro Vinciarelli is Senior Lecturer in Computing Science at Glasgow, before that he was at IDIAP in Switzerland. His main research interest is Social Signal Processing, the domain aimed at modelling, analysis and synthesis of non-verbal behaviour in social interactions. In particular, Vinciarelli has worked on the inference of personality traits from speech, detection and measurement of conflict in multi-party interactions, sociometric analysis of media and automatic measurement of developmental stage in children. These are key skills for analysis of the data we will collect in SAM.

Dong Bach Vo

Maki Rooksby

Mohammad Tayarani

Rui Huan


Colin Crawford

Colin Crawford, Head of Inclusion in Education Services at the Glasgow City Council, will be a partner in the project, giving us access to schools, teachers and children within the city. He will also sit on the project steering committee to guide the research and will help with dissemination and impact on health and education policy makers.

Matt Forde & Susan Galloway

Matt Forde, NSPCC, is supporting the project in his capacity as Head of Service for Scotland. NSPCCs Senior Evaluation Officer, Susan Galloway, will sit on the project steering committee. Susan will help us with exploitation of the SAM system. The NSPCC is one of the biggest chil- drens charities in the UK and ideally placed to promote the SAM system to health and social care professionals, while giving input on childrens needs.

Professor Johnathan Green

Johnathan Green, Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Manchester, developed MCAST and is a world leading researcher in child Attachment. He will sit on the project steering committee providing us with expert input on MCAST and Attachment.

Dr Michael Smith

Dr Michael Smith, Lead Associate Medical Director for Mental Health, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, will represent the NHS and other users of the SAM system in healthcare. He will sit on the steering committee.